Avocet Espagnolette Rods - U-Rail


  • Trivalent Silver finish Espagnolette Rod range
  • Eurogroove, Flat and U-Rail fitting available
  • Eccentric cams to provide smooth operation with 7, 8 and 10mm heights (see product option chart)
  • 20mm, 22mm and 25mm backsets
  • Keeps are available for all major profiles
  • Suitable for uPVC
  • For Timber and Aluminium applications please consult the Avocet Technical Department

Technical Information

Assessment Data

Performance: Endurance tested to 25,000 operations
Corrosion Resistance: Meets requirements of BS EN 1670:1998, Grade 3 (96 hrs salt spray)

Material Specifications

All Metal Components: Steel C1008
Gearbox Body: Zinc BS1004A
Coating Details: Steel components - Trivalent plated 20-25 microns coating thickness

Additional Information

Keeps: For profile related keeps click here