How do I get more than one lock on the same key?

You can order your ABS locks to be “Keyed Alike”. This means that we will manufacture the locks to all operate off the same key.

Keying alike your locks means you can cut down on all the keys you carry. You may choose to have all the doors on the front of your home to operate off one key for example!

… And if your garage door takes a half euro cylinder you could key that alike to match your front door lock.


Simply select a suite ID for each lock that you would like to be keyed alike. You may choose to note a door reference ID to make it easier to remember which lock was for what door.

suite id

Scenario 1: 5 locks all to be keyed alike. Select Suite 1 for each lock that is added to your basket.

Scenario 2: 3 locks for the front of the home all to be keyed alike and 3 locks for the back of the home on a different keyed alike suite. Select Suite 1 for each lock for the front of the home and Select Suite 2 for the back of the home for each lock that is added to your basket.

When you choose to suite locks you will only receive 3 keys as standard with the complete suite of locks. Please remember to order more keys if you require them.