After just five years of ownership under the Jain family and continual investment in product and infrastructure, Avocet Hardware is once again a name to be reckoned with and its owners have their eyes firmly on redefining home security – specifically the safety of uPVC and other double glazed doors and windows.

Avocet’s ABS high security locks with unique patented snap secure technology meet the highest safety standards – is British Kitemark stamped, with a TS007 3-star rating, Sold Secure SS312 Diamond standard and is Secured by Design accredited – a combination that no other lock on the market can currently match.

Meanwhile its Affinity window and door hardware range ensures the company is once again one of the leading players in the home window and door security market.


Since taking over the Jain family has invested heavily and regularly.

Stock levels across its door and window, ABS high security locks, and builder hardware divisions are now high enough to ensure complete customer satisfaction when it comes to product availability and delivery.

In addition, spending on research, new product development and a dedicated laboratory testing facility has been significant.

The team has been restructured, with additional new appointments within the sales and research and development departments and is now stronger and hungrier than ever before.

Good Traditions

Not everything has changed at Avocet.

The company still continues to do the things that made it stand out from the competition and do them extremely well.

Every step of the product cycle is still handled directly by Avocet
Products are designed, developed and tested in the UK
Avocet still continues to strive to evolve as a sophisticated innovator, manufacturer and distributor
The company remains committed to delivering quality engineered products to the UK window and door fabrication market as well as its rapidly growing multiples and merchant division
Avocet still constantly revisits and re-examines everything it does with a view to improving upon it
A product development programme continually looks to introduce new products to market – products that are developed through a combination of input from Avocet’s highly experienced sales and innovative technical teams, and customer feedback.

Avocet CEO, Rythm Jain Saigal said: “We are proud of our products, our people and the fact we have come through adversity and are back to doing what Avocet does best – making products that truly stand out; products that provide not just safety and security, but peace of mind.

“Our products all carry industry recognised accreditation, but as importantly we back all of them with our own guarantees on mechanical and coating performance.

“Our aim has always been to manufacture innovative, quality and competitive window and door hardware products and to deliver them to our customers with unrivalled service. This hasn’t changed. The only difference now is that we want to do it all better.”

Rythm Jain Saigal

Defining the Window & Door Hardware Market